Olive Branch Cemetery Restoration

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors welcomes our newest Director Daniel Rona , in addition to Michael Shane Wamsley, Julie Ann Wamsley. A sketch of each member is provided below:

Daniel Rona

Daniel Rona is a businessman with the Ensign Foundation.  He operates a successful travel business, specializing in tours toIsrael and the Holy Land.  Mr. Rona began a career in broadcasting in the late 1960’s, which he cut short after deciding to move his family to Israel.  While there, he began a house-painting business and, later, tours to the Holy Land.  He has experience working with nonprofit charitable organizations, having founded the Ensign Foundation, which encourages identity restoration of the peoples of Joseph and Judah, and builds bridges of understanding between them by fostering the exchange of science, technology, music, culture, education, along with humanitarian service. 

Michael Shane Wamsley

Michael currently serves as a Director and Treasurer of Olive Branch Cemetery Restoration.  Michael has more than thirty years experience in the areas of accounting and finance, and has held many top leadership positions over the course of his career.  As Director, Mr. Wamsley serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Olive Branch, and is responsible for overseeing the organization’s day to day operations.  He presides at board meetings, and steers the organization's grand strategy.  In his capacity as Treasurer, Mr. Wamsley is responsible for maintaining the organization's financial records, seeking dontations, and performing general administrative duties.

Julie Ann Wamsley

Julie Ann Wamsley currently serves as the Secretary of Olive Branch Cemetery Restoration.  She has extensive experience in the salon industry, and has managed her own business for several years.  She has held various management and supervisory positions. As Secretary, Julie Ann Wamsley is responsible for keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Directors.  She is also the custodian of all books, records, papers, and property of Olive Branch, and performs administrative duties as necessary.